Minecraft Pokemon Doctor Who!

Minecraft is awesome. Doctor Who is awesome. Pokemon is awesome. What would happen if we combined the three? Complete pandemonium in the Tardis, that’s what! Soon, I will start working on a Doctor Who Pokemon Minecraft Map! You and your many Pikachu’s (Wolves) Must fight the Daleks and Weeping Angels along with anything else that broke in!

Plot: The Tardis starts to malfunction and lands itself in Viridian Forest! Tons of pokemon come in and mess with the controls. One Pikachu stands before you in a challenging way. Afte you tame him, you see that a Ratatta has broken the controls and somehow created a wormhole. Tons of monsters come crowding in through the portal and they run into the dark corridors of the Tardis. In the map, your job is to get rid of any more pokemon and wipe out the enemies inside your ship.

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