The S.W:T.E.S.B.F.T.S,T,A.F.T Trilogy

All three of the stories in one post!

First Volume

One day on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker was walking his dog when all of a sudden, the empire struck back again for the second time! He called his friends Leia and Han Solo and their trusty sidekick, Chewbacca! They got in their ship and went to the planet Hoth, where the temperatures were far below -200 degrees Fahrenheit. Their ship, the Millennium Falcon, was pulled over by Admiral Ackbar and was forced to take the long, long, long, long, long way to Hoth. But then the Death Star came back to haunt them! As they were being pulled in to the Death Star by it’s tractor beam. Han yelled “For the fifth time, I’m not going out without a fight!” As they were evacuated from the ship they saw an old buddy helping a Imperial Officer. Luke yelled “No the fifth or sixth empire got you too R2-D2!?” ”And wheres C3-Po!?” R2 replied on his texting screen “You are a idiot if you don’t know that I ate him right after we destroyed the second Death Star.” The group of rebels (Not Including R2-D2) were brought into Darth Vader The 6th’s chamber room. Leia moaned “Well if it isn’t Darth Vader The 6th. I thought I destroyed you on Endor a month ago.” Vader The 6th replied “Well when you leave someone to die in a burning spaceship after an intense lightsaber battle and then you cheat and shot their leg 3 times that the person doesn’t always die.” R2-D2 brought in some tang and rice-crispy treats and everyone sat down and talked for an hour. Then Chewbacca got sick of talking and tore Darth Vader the 6th’s arms off and ripped R2-D2 up into shreds. Vader the 6th replied “Well please do come anytime.” and walked out of the room. Luke ran to the reactor core so he could slice it up but there was 11 storm-troopers already there with their game faces on. Luke threw his lightsaber and cut of the eyes of one of their game mask. Meanwhile Han and the rest of them were heading back to the ship when C3-Po came out of nowhere and said ” He only ate an impostor dressed up like me, So let me come with you.” Leia replied “Ok. But only if your potty-trained.” Back near the reactor core Luke had gotten rid of all the storm-troopers and activated the shut-down switch.The Millennium Falcon was ready and fueled to go. Leia could see Luke racing into the ship with blaster shots behind him. We are ready yelled Luke and then the Millennium Falcon shot straight out the hanger going into light speed with tie-fighters behind them.

Second Volume:

1000 days after the events of S.W:E.S.B.A.F.T.S.T. Luke Skywalker the 2cd walked his cat down the street. At the same time, Princess Leia was taking her pet snow-speeder for a run across the frozen wasteland that is Hoth. An imperial cruiser was cruising near Hoth and decided to pick up Leia and give her a ride home. They forgot the speeder so Leia got out her blaster and blasted the pilot. Darth Vader the 6,387th walked into the room and said to Leia, “You thought you killed me in the carbonite chamber but when you cut someone’s arms and legs and head off they don’t always die. Especially when you abandon them in lava while acid pours onto their face.” “Well, I guess you would like some grub since you are in the ship… Prepare her my special starship cookies— The Awesome Kind! Just then, Luke Skywalker climbed aboard the ship as it was getting gas at Watto’s Gas Pump. He climbed through the hatch and walked into the kitchen. Han Solo then, climbed through the same hole into the same kitchen. When they saw each other, the exchanged glances and went to rescue the princess from the dreaded Darth Vader the 6,387th and his terrible Starship Cookies. “Leia will surely die if we don’t get R2-D3 here immediately!” Then, R2-D2 spawned into the room and shocked them both out cold. He then headed towards the princess’s prison room and began to make all the lasers in the ship point towards imperial cruisers. He blasted them all out of the sky and then began the self destruct sequence for the ship they were in. “Wait! What about my husband and my brother?????” yelled leia as the robot carried her into the hanger. “Beep boop boop beep boop replied R2. (Translated: “C3-PO Is on his way to help them.) Darth Vader walked towards Luke. As the farm boy stood up he grabbed his lightsaber and sliced as hard as he could at the dreaded cookies. “NOOOOOOOOOO!” yelled Darth, “those cookies are the source of my power!” Luke and Han escaped safely just in time for a third post in the future.

Third Volume:

Luke Skywalker was airing his parrot when all of a sudden, Jabba the Hut landed on the sidewalk in front of him. Luke asked politely, “What do you want from me?” Jabba responded by capturing Luke and putting a burlap sack over his head. Later, while Luke was Luke was on the ship, the 14,366,798,456,342,567th Darth Vader was awaiting him. Darth started talking about the 727th Death Star when all of a sudden Han Solo jumped in and said, “You can’t capture my friends or me! You’re also so bad at covering your tra-” He was interrupted since the carbonite gun came down and froze him. Right after that, Princess Leia jumped in and said, “DID YOU JUST FREEZE MY HUSBAND… AGAIN!” She got angry and jumped onto Darth, and tore his helmet off only to find Luke Skywalker’s face staring right back at her. The real Luke jumped up and declared, “What is happening?” Then, Darth Luke jumped up and used the carbonite gun to freeze them all. “Hah! Now no one can stop me from cloning tons of Lukes and hiring them to start a fast-food restaurant.” Finally, Luke’s parrot stormed in with C3-PO, R2-D2, Captain Rex and Commander Cody from the clone army, and Mickey Mouse. The mouse then said, “Well, since Disney bought Star Wars, I have to be in some of it!” The small army took down the 14,366,798,456,342,567th Darth Vader, unfroze everyone, and drove to Florida, where they would remain for the rest of thier lives. Except for they went on their Fifth adventure in May.

This was all of them put together so I hope you enjoyed!

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