Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style: Episode 4

“Hi, i’m your host, Rory McDord, and I will be commentating while a bunch of teenagers try to survive the night in The Evil Forest! We will be zooming in on their conversations too!”

“Lets see what Hosae and Ralph are talking about!”

Ralph: Hey Hosoy!

Hosae: My name is Hosae.

Ralph: Hi Hosae!

Hosae: That’s my name. Don’t wear it out.

Ralph: OK! Boom Boom.

Hosae: (Confused Expression)

“You show him Ralph.”

“Let’s look at Sam and Kory’s discussion!”

Kory: How bout’ an alliance, Sam?

Sam: I don’t make deals with freaks and evil weir-

“YES! Looks like a forest creature nabbed him!”

“Since the Rattlesnakes have all their members but the Turtleheads lost one contestant,  the Rattlesnakes win!”

The votes were counted and Ralph was voted off.

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