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Preview of the book i’m working on.

 It might be out next year…maybe…a year after that…maybe.

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Explosive Hotdogs!  

3034,November 27th

Chapter 1

A young hero farts in his bedroom and wonders if there is life on other continents. He wonders why the sun goes around his house not letting anyone out. Finn had to climb out windows and use his skateboard on 2 ramps from the roof. He had 1 for in and one for out. Finn looked out his window and looked at the sun. It was extremely hard to see but I could make out a frown. I had installed cameras around my house. I switched on my 50th generation I-phone. I tapped my camera app and used it to see around the outside of the house. The sun was around the back right now. So if I make a dashing run to the bike I might make it without being burnt. I ran as fast as I could to the bike   as soon as I got there the sun turned the corner and started running at me. I peddled hard but he was cathing up to me. Then, I smashed into a mail computer and it shouted at me for being so rude. I still kept running all the way to the grocery market. As soon as I got there I started stoking up on vital supplies . (A.K.A. Dinner and soda + paying the bill for my Wifi.) My email penpal had told me that on his planet they hadn’t invented cell phones yet and the p.c. was new for them too. His name was Ralk. Ralk thinks that our planet is some technology paradise but its really not that great.

I walked down the soda isle and discovered a great tragedy had occurred. Someone else had bought all the soda bottles. I was about to turn a corner when a girl who seemed my age (My age is about 15 years old) bumped into me and immediately apologized she said “Sorry I’m in a rush” then said “My name is Mezde” I said “It’s okay” She gasped and said “Somebody took all the soda nooooooooooo!”” See you later” I said” I’m in a rush.” Then, I heard a loud bang from the front of the store. I rushed up to the front of the store to see what had happened. There was a garrison of bore-troopers. I ran up and started talking about interesting stuff while they covered their ears. I knew if I got them interested enough I could punch them ounce and they would be knocked out. “Did you know that on Mars the gravity is so low that you can jump a mile across the surface of the planet.” “If a person went inside Jupiter your spaceship would be doomed because the sensors couldn’t see around it.” “AAHHHHHH   THAT’S SO INTERESTING” Then, BOOM!! One of them exploded. The second and third ran into the isle and I heard a yell. The voice was familiar it was Mezde! I ran into the isle and she was jabbering on and on about how there is life on other planets and how the scientists from the 21st century were wrong on the fact that there isn’t life on Mars. That’s when things got interesting, we heard screams and shouts from the back of the store. I realized that the three robots from the front of the store had been a distraction while Lord evil steel-a-lot robbed the chips and soda. I ran over to the bore-troopers and stole their origami dust and their paper. It was very unlikely that they only had 2 papers each I folded the first two papers into an awesome hover board with origami Yoda on top of it. I sprinkled some of the dust on it. It started to expand and then it grew up to be about my height. I then told it to go distract Lord evil steel-a-lot. I went to the teleport-a-potty and pulled the toilet roll. The mainframe computer came up and asked me where I would like to go. I responded “Conderania please.” The teleport-a-potty started shaking. I could here the teleport-a-potty going through space at 100,000,000,000,000 miles per minute. Now we were whirring along and the potty started to shake. It stopped shaking and landed. I had to find Ralk. I asked a young man if he had seen Ralk and he said “Well I saw him at his house playing space invaders.” How like him I thought. I ran up to his house and started banging on the door. It took about thirty seconds for him to answer the door. “Hurry up!!” I yelled. ”We have no time to waste! He said, “What’s going on?” he asked. I quickly explained the invasion. And then he asked to come along. I replied, “Why do you think I came here in the first place?” We ran back to the teleporta-pottys and got in. In no time we were back at Earth ready to fight whatever lies ahead.

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