This is probably my favorite song I’ve written so far, so i’m very proud of it. If I’ve stolen something unintentionally, tell me in a comment. Tell me if you like it as well 😀


spider-related horror stories in the space of 24 hours

*you sit still, listening to a fan blow, and distant piano playing and singing…all the sudden, the piano and singing stops, and there is a gasp of fright…*


So today, i’d like to talk about spiders, and more importantly how deathly afraid I am of them.


While I was getting a trash bag out earlier today, I somehow knocked over an entire box of nails…I don’t know how, just that next thing I knew I was sorting a bunch of nails into a box.


Seriously, I came in contact with 3 spiders today, and for someone who is very very very afraid of spiders, that is 3 too many.

And the third spider I saw, I came in contact with less than 10 minutes ago, and I’m still freaked out about it.

Here’s some funny and relatable quotes from “Teenager Posts”, also known as what I often search at 3 AM with a glass of water…gotta love that unnecessary information…

Post #4002-“Don’t worry, the spider is smaller than you”…”Yeah…so is a grenade…”

Post #7793-If spiders start flying, i’m leaving this planet.

Now, for the sake of your entertainment, I’m going to tell you the stories of me flipping out over an insect.

CONTACT TIME #1-I was sweeping the entire house, because i’m a good child. I was feeling pretty good about the fact that there were no spiders under the towels by the back door, since I vividly remember a very large spider coming out of those once. But, it was time to lift up the front door doormat. The second I lifted it up and set it down, ready to sweep, there was a regular sized spider (I’d think brown recluse but I don’t know, since that’s not the type of thing I google) right in front of the door. I freaked out, and my mom kept telling me, “It’s easy, just sweep it out the door!” but you don’t understand…WHEN YOU’RE AFRAID OF SPIDERS, YOU WANT NO CONTACT WITH THEM WHATSOEVER. Yes, I couldn’t even touch one with the broom, so my mom had to get up and sweep it out for me.

CONTACT TIME #2-This happened literally right after the horror story above. I was sweeping away all the dirt under the mat, when a spider emerged from the depths of awfulness in the mess, running out across the floor. I jumped and dropped the broom. This time, I was encouraged to get a paper towel and crush it, but that’s way too close for comfort. But, it was about to crawl underneath a bookcase/storage unit type thing in the living room, and I wasn’t going to do anything, so my mom had to help me again. Thanks, mom.

CONTACT TIME #3-The fear in my heart is still raw as i’m writing this. I was in the music room of my house, which has one mattress type thing to sleep on, a tiny twin-sized bed as well, and a lot of musical instruments, including a piano/keyboard whatever. I was playing around on it, and had just ran through a song that I wrote two days ago called “earthquake”, and right after I did so, I glanced down from the piano/keyboard, and saw something move by the right leg of the piano. As I focused on it, I realized in terror, that it was a spider the size of my whole palm, or close to it-it was a big spider, okay? I yelped, almost falling off the stool by the piano, and watched as it crawled underneath the mattress.

I never want to see that creature again. Or any other spiders, rather. I know they kill mosquitoes, but oh please-spiders are terrifying.

So those are my spider horror stories for today. Do tell me in the comments:

Are you afraid of spiders? 

You now have some of my kryptonite, world, please don’t use it against me.

Also, i’m contemplating the topic of my next SCIENCE! entry, so if you have any controversial science-ish topics, feel free to let me know.

Have wonderful lives!


*It was Weird Account of course. Little do you know that Weird Account was scared by the sound of a record/vinyl bag falling, because she thought it was a spider. It’s your decision whether or not to be concerned.*



The website is live!!! Go to it here!!!! 

I’m so excited, just go there and look around, leave a comment under podcast if you want to.

So yeah, I hope you visit, and the first podcast will be up May 1st. 

That’s all for this announcment, and as I don’t say often enough:

I can’t even think of something funny I’m so excited for the program 😀

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Free Lunch #15 (We Are Still Humanz Edition)

Hello there you spider veins.

Today is another Free Lunch. If you don’t know what that means, basically I say the exact same sentence similar to this at the start of the post about the rules and then I actually make the post.

If you really want to know, then comment 😀

Starting at 9:10.

Today was pretty awesome. I just had a Chai cup of tea, and I have listened to the new Gorillaz album three times. I know that might seem radical to a few of you out there, but if you have ever been a big fan of a band you will understand.

My favorite songs from the album are currently “She’s My Collar”, “Circle of Friendz”, “Momentz”, and “Busted and Blue”. Also, i’ve noticed a few irregularities in the songs that were previously released. In Ascension, the little synth space before Vince Staples starts rapping is extended, and in Andromeda, there seems to be an extra synthesizer layer with a different tune on top of the song I already knew.

Currently, the album certainly matches up to the previous one, only I’m really hoping in the future that 2D (Damon Albarn) will take a more leading role in singing like in previous albums. This one only had one song that was Gorillaz without any collaborators, and even though having guests is great, I like when it’s just Gorillaz more typically.

My five minutes are up, so good night and I hope you will listen to the album.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3. If you actually did, then comment “Murdoc is God”.

Dictionary Taboo:

A device for holding a door, gate, or the like, closed, consisting basically of a bar falling or sliding into a catch, groove, hole, etc.



A Look Inside Maz’s Brain

I don’t really know who I want to be,

So stop asking me.


here’s the thing, about being me.

shitty things have happened to me.

and no, not like “i failed a test once” shitty

but like call-the-cops-oh-my-god-are-you-alright shitty.

due to these horrible things, my brain can only take so much.

I was recently diagnosed with PTSD. Here is one thing that bothers me so much.

– Touch. Don’t fucking touch me.

Please, if i don’t touch you first, I can’t be touched.

It triggers bad memories and it freaks me out.

I always wonder about if things were different, you know?

Like, if my dad didn’t leave me, i wouldn’t have abandonment issues.

and if i had never met Layal, would i even be depressed?

If Layal had told someone about Michael, would she still be here?

If I hadn’t ridden the bus that day, would i be okay?

If I had stayed back with my friends to talk, would he’ve hurt someone else?

I ask myself these questions everyday, but i know i can’t change anything.

everything sucks.

and everything will continue to suck unless you have a positive outlook.

but how can i be optimistic when all of these things have happened?

these are questions for my therapist.

bye bye.


Drowning in smoke

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Through your nose,

Out your mouth.

Don’t swallow the smoke

It’ll burn your throat

But you’re used to that.

Cause’ your lungs burn, I suppose?

How are your lungs?

I know you’ve got many.

You’ve got two faces.

Two brains,

Too plenty.

One side prefers happiness

The other prefers sad.

But they both drown in smoke,

Isn’t that quite sad?

Do you have an identity?

Do we know who you are?

I’ve asked myself in the mirror.

376 times so far.


klutz chronicles #2


Originally, when I called my second post ever “Joan Of Arc/Klutz Chronicles” , I wasn’t planning on it being a series or any multiple time thing.

However, today, I deserve a medal for being a complete and total klutz.

Honestly, I think I’ve said “I’m an idiot oh my god I’m such an idiot” about 50 times today out loud and over a 1,000 times in my head.

So, without further delay, here’s an entry that I give you permission to laugh at me about.


Today, at lunch, some of my friends and I stayed up in my math teacher’s room.

But this wasn’t any normal lunch.

Let me explain what happened.

Since my mom is really sick, she couldn’t make my lunch this morning (YES I KNOW I’M REASONABLY OLD ENOUGH TO MAKE MY OWN LUNCH BUT I TAKE 5 BILLION YEARS TO GET READY…DON’T JUDGE ME I FEEL YOUR JUDGEMENT COMING THROUGH THE SCREEN), so my step-father had to.

He forgot to pack me my water bottle, so I borrowed one of my friend’s. I took a sip, and set it down stupidly on my desk, which is quite obviously slanted mind you, causing the water bottle to fall down. My thermos filled with soup was in front of the water bottle, so when it fell, it knocked over the thermos, causing soup to fly EVERYWHERE-which is all over me, my desk, and a little bit on the patch of carpet to the left of my desk.

I can only imagine how funny that must have looked. Even when it happened, I started cracking up before all the guilt and “ur an idiot lol” thoughts came around.

So, I spent my lunch mainly just wiping up the mess that I had made in that catastrophe, instead of eating.

…I’m hungry…

After I started really feeling bad about my klutz-ness, the day inevitably continued.

After lunch, there was Social Studies, and I knocked over an entire stack of papers.

After Social Studies, there was Band, and thankfully nothing really happened then.

Now, a few minutes ago, I knocked over the laptop I’m typing on (I’m still in school wehey)! Thank everything in the world that I didn’t break it…

I’m just waiting for myself to trip over a shoelace or something and fall into the street. Seriously-I think the klutz epidemic is underrated. It’s life-threatening. I’m scared about myself.

So, that’s my day so far.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like:

If you are a klutz, what is one of the most embarrassing things that have happened?

Please, make me not feel so bad and embarrassed.

Let me know also if you’d like me to write a post about the universe’s existence as we know it. Yesterday, I had Chinese food with my stepfather and we talked about the existence of the entire universe and astrophysics, which was really interesting.

That’s Klutz Chronicles!

Have wonderful lives biscuits!


*now the reason I didn’t do a theatrical piece is that if I do it I may trip…you can’t get mad at me over that…*


List of Things That..

annoy me.

  1. Sniffing

When I was in fourth grade, my mom grounded me for a week for sniffing. SNIFFING! Ever since then I relished sniffing because it was such a rebellious act for me. But recently I came around, and you can thank Riley for that. During the car rid to school today he sniffed like CRAZY. So now it makes the list. Always carry tissues.


2. Ageist People

Specifically people who talk down or ignore kids. Like teachers at school. Some kids have actual intelligence (and are even as smart as the teachers) but they are not taken seriously. This is called benevolent prejudice where people view kids or the elderly as “friendly” but “incompetent”. This is based on a survey by Age Concern. And it annoys me to no end!

3. People or publications who say stuff just to be woke.

Okay. Whenever I try to explain this I end up offending people, so bear with me here.

When somebody blames it on the old white men simply because some old white men are guilty of some bad things. When somebody takes an issue with something just to be hyper correct. A great example of this is the whole “if you avoid making eye contact you are racist” story that was in the news a couple of days ago. If you don’t no about that, the short of it is that Oxford University published a study that if you avoid making eye contact with someone from the other race you are committing a micro-aggression. Here is a link, also Philip Defranco covered it here. Or when someone is angry because a lift driver has a Hawaiian bobble head. It happened!

And I think I’m going to end it here before I offend more people 😀

If you want me to make another list of things then comment it!

I’ll talk to you probably soon and as I most definitely say:

Wikipedia is a source!!!!