riley’s backpack is dead

i think :^(


may playlist + what’s goin on

sleep – sasha slug

Breadstick Ballad – Paul Cherry

4EVER – Clairo

lava lamp – lazygirl

No. 5 – Sean Tarpey

Lifes alright – SILICON ESTATE

yellow flower – mae

Her – eery

MAYBE – Lucys

Malibu – Lucys

Bad Bonez – Michael Seyer (like the album not the song)

call me – ashley koett

Something Seems Off – Bowl Frizell

Slow Walk – Liano

you’ll be alright – mellow fellow

fear and misery – joji

Yeah Right – joji

Like Yesterday – Paul Cherry

playlist available on SoundCloud @mr. bubbles (titled may playlist)

have a good day lovelies !


Free Lunch #66 (RIP the Jedi Order)

Hello there you smouldering shakesnacks. Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for another Free Lunch. If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, I just type for five minutes about whatever I fancy and post it on my blog. I’m going to stop including the ‘Starting at’ part, because it’s pretty pointless.

I was considering not doing a Free Lunch today because of how much schoolwork I need to do tonight, but I decided I could just write this on the bus. I’ve got an essay due for ELA tomorrow, and my math teacher just sprung the EoC (End of Course test) on the class, so I need to study for that. It’s kind of ridiculous that she only gave us two day’s notice on it though. Other than that, I need to practice Trumpet for my band concert that’s in two weeks. I’ve got most of the songs down, I just need to work on keeping my tone quality good when playing for a long time.

I’m going to try to make the Smiles and Tears into a jazz cover, but I don’t think I’m good enough at composing for that yet.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post!



new song !

hey! it’s mr. bubbles !!

i am extremely proud to present my newest song, ‘the urn memoirs!’

this song is very important to me, as it is about the recent death of my cat. it was incredibly difficult to write and compose, but it turned out to be, in my opinion, the best song i’ve ever made.

please go have a listen on SoundCloud and watch the music video on YouTube !!


https://soundcloud.com/cat-sapp/the-urn-memoirs (SoundCloud)

check out my other tracks if you’d like !

thank you for reading this short little post !!

have a wonderful day lovelies !!


the dangerous sims mobile

*you hear a repetitive tapping motion, and enthusiastic gibberish words. you stare at a door, wondering what is behind it, as it hasn’t been opened in many hours…*

hey hey!

i’m going to talk about some games, but if you don’t like them, stay tuned for talk about music. thanks for reading!

so, i haven’t been super productive recently besides wishing for the arrival of summer, since this school year is very close to finishing. i’m especially thrilled, because later this year will be my first year of high school.

all this free time (i say this having a project due in 3 days that i haven’t started) has left me pondering around with games, since i didn’t really have any of them on my phone that i committed to. they were only small pastimes, like “hopscotch”, “splix.io” (which never works??), and “stack”. they aren’t super exciting and i use them to ease boredom.

one of my friends had this game called “The Sims Mobile” on her ipad. i had spent most of my time playing “five night’s a freddy’s” (oof so 2014) on another friend’s ipad, but was far too lazy to buy the game for myself. therefore, i decided to try the sims on my phone. after all, it was free, and i always wanted to play a sims game.

i can’t decide if it was a huge mistake or a huge blessing.

the weekend i downloaded it, it was all i did. i mean, besides eat and drink and practice some violin, i was on my phone using up all my sims’ energy which caused me to get frustrated because i couldn’t play the game the entire time.

(questionnaire: what’s your favorite game to play? comment below if you want.)

i don’t know about you, but i really like this game. i have always liked the concept of the sims, with going to work, building a house and such, although obviously it is very unrealistic. this version of the game does not offer anywhere near as much as the modern computer versions. i can’t be specific because i have never played it anywhere else, however i can say that there are definitely less hobby and career options, as well as furniture. you also can’t build a second floor to your house, which i hope they update soon.

a more important note to add would be that your sim does not have any needs or emotions, which is a bummer. your sim doesn’t have to eat, go to the bathroom, or sleep. any of those things are completely voluntary.

besides all of those cons, i still think it is very entertaining and am contemplating getting the real game. admittedly, it takes up most of my time, but i refuse to say i am addicted.

/ cool songs /

 nightclub love – matt maltese 

i really like this song. the vibe is very nightclub-by, hence the name. it’s a very pretty slow song, and the way he sung it is hypnotic. there is something old sounding about his voice, which i don’t really know how to describe really. i suppose it’s kind of 20s style, but with much better audio.

robbers – the 1975 

i’m honestly down to anything of the 1975 right now, which is funny considering i didn’t like them a while ago. they are all bops. songs like this make me want to sit in the dark in my bedroom in the early hours of the morning. due to increased activity of their instagram, i am very excited for a possible new album release.

cut your bangs – girlpool 

this song is very calming, but does make me sad. nonetheless, a good song.

new releases

panic! at the disco released a couple new singles and so did ariana grande which is pretty cool, not to mention matt maltese’s stuff is new (and awesome) too. it’s been a really good year for music so far, but i’m still bitter about the fact that one of my favorite singers (if not my favorite??? dodie i’m looking at you hon) is coming to my city and tickets sold out too fast for me to get. oh well.

that’s all i have for today, folks.

i hope you enjoyed this post! if you have anything you want to see from me, drop a comment, because i don’t have much to post about these days. if you made it all the way down here, thank you!

au revoir ~




pains of growing out the hairs

hey ! it’s mr. bubbles !!

i took a leave of absence while riley was inactive, but now he’s back with regular posting (i think), and so am i !

it’s currently 6:33 am and i’m on my jolly old way to school, so i decided what better to do than write a memoir about my stupid, slowly growing hair.

tbt to 10 months ago when i decided to chop off all of my hair and get a pixie cut, which was cute for two months and then i started looking like a little boy (still do tbh). now my hair is abt 3 centimeters above my shoulders and i no longer look like i have a bowl cut !!!

in these past 8 months i have been growing out my hair, i have used several hair styles to hide the fact that i look like a precocious little boy who says “mother, prepare my caviar.” let’s map out a timeline of those hairstyles.

1. The sideburn bowl cut (worst stage)

2. tiny palm tree lookin bun on top with hair pinned up in the back (bang bang from the flintstones)

3. *hair now halfway down neck* tiny & neat bun on top of head with bangs split down the middle, hair pinned in back (looked cute here)

4. half up, half down. short (i mean very short) bob with tiny bun pulled up on top. blonde hair at this point.

5. victorian look, tiny bun on back of head, little curly baby hairs in front of ears, fringe kept to the side (looked super cute here, still blonde)

6. old look, like jordan in 7th grade look — *hair down to shoulders, basically* — bun with bangs, hair now brown (best stage, current stage).

and there you have it, the ohmygoduaresouglyihatemyhair timeline !!

so, as you can see, my hair has been through quite a lot through the past 8 months, and now it has evened out (the top layers have grown the same length as bottom layers), i was finally able to do my favorite hairstyle of all time, my bun with bangs !! i still have to pin a small chunk of my hair up in the back though, and i don’t really mind it, as i now have a talent for perfectly placing bobby pins in the back of my head without looking, or a mirror.

and that concludes this memoir, and i will continue to take various hair supplements and biotin to speed up growth, and this memoir will be continued in about 4 months.

thank you for reading !!

the fresh prince of:


Free Lunch #65

Hello there you cardboard cats. I wish I could give you a good reason for why I haven’t been posting, but all I can tell you is that I was burned out and lacked the motivation. I’m posting now because a song reminded me of sitting on the bus, listening to piano music and writing Free Lunch. So that’s what I’m doing now. If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, I just type for five minutes about whatever I feel like writing about.

Starting at 4:52.

I’d like to start off by apologizing for not posting all the neat stuff we had planned for this year or posting at all. However, in the mean time a lot has happened. I’ve gotten noticeably better at all of my instruments except Piano, which is difficult to find the time to practice for. Tomorrow I have a Trumpet audition that determines my placement at my high school next year. I’m hoping for Wind Ensemble, but that’s kind of a long shot. The piece I’m playing is pretty difficult, but I’ve got all my scales down. I’m really hoping the sightreading parts aren’t too trying.

I’ve been playing a lot of Super Smash Bros recently on my 2DS with my friends. I’m about second best in the group, and I’m maining Sonic and Toon Link. I’m also a bit into Earthbound, and I’m learning Smiles and Tears on the Guitar.

That’s all the writing I have time for, so thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post! And thanks to Victoria and mr. bubbles for continuing to post in my absence. And thanks to you readers for sticking around!




post stuff u dummy


i don’t even have a real life right now, a latte isn’t life (okay bud i do hahaha) futon GOD + tellin yall homies what homegirl been doing

“that’s just a little scary.”

how yall feelin ?

it’s jordan, jordón, jardon, jordana banana, and whatever other variation of my name.

let’s catch up, cause it’s been quite the while since i’ve done anything on this site aside from the post a couple days ago, which was literally just me putting zero effort into a post but making it seem like i was.

. . .

1. i had so much chinese food 3 days ago and lemme tell you, it was so good. i had me some lo mein and fried dumplings, and literally the best spring rolls on planet earth. gonna get me an iced latte with almond milk from dunkin’ donuts tomorrow morn and it’s gonna be great too. i’ve gotten lattes the past week.

2. so i have a new obsession with like,,,,,,,,so many things. my aesthetic has changed into a mixture of hippie, oriental, and vintage 1950’s, 1970’s, and 1990’s elements. my wardrobe has seen the change too, as i’m always called “90’s girl” at school and i have people left and right tellin me the 90’s was two thousand years ago. hollister? i don’t know her. goodwill, she my boo.

but my main obsession right now is geishas. for those of y’all who are unfamiliar with the geisha, a geisha is a japanese human art form where girls are sold into okiyas and schooled in shamisen, dancing, speech, and etiquette to become a geisha. geisha are the japanese women you may have seen at one point in your life who have elaborate hairstyles and wear beautiful embroidered kimono, with pale white faces and cherry red lips. i recently read the book “memoirs of a geisha,” which i 100% recommend because it changes your perspective on the geisha, and truly encapsulates the raw japanese culture. i loved it so much that i grew to love the geisha it detailed – all of them.

so, i am completely redecorating my room with geisha posters and am even getting a futon that these women slept on. i assembled the frame today. so far, i’ve got one cloth poster and plan to buy a fabric panel of three geisha by the riverside to sew in the middle of some beige fabric as a futon blanket, and some shoji blinds with two geisha on them. i’m super excited!!!

my room will soon be this 1930’s japanese hippie/vintage paradise !!!

i have been so inspired by geishas that i decided to do my own artwork featuring a geisha :

the two images above are a piece i did on a big sheet of watercolor paper, and was drawn off of the image below, which was drawn in my sketchbook.

3. i wanna be like clairo and release music that will get 1 mil spins on soundcloud and i’ll be a bedroom goddess. i make music now but it’s really bad and not cool at all. i just wanna be and authentic kinda lo-fi retro artist and make songs abt cute stuff that people will like. i’m trying y’all but i’m not making much progress. i got 31 plays on soundcloud tho and this one person really enjoys my music (cause they repost all my stuff and comment).

4. i got my algebra grade up to an A so homegirl isn’t average no more !!!

5. i had a band performance last wednesday or something, and it was a NIGHTMARE,,,,,,,,,,oh, and for those of you who don’t know, i am a drummer for my school’s jazz band, which, ngl, is really god. i started out playing my favorite song night in tunisia, jammin out – drummin’, doin my fills, and it went great. but then, i started to play la noche del burrito picante, my drum set started sliding away from me. because there was no initial friction between it and the stage floor (which is very slippery cause it’s glossy), it just decided “hey mans!! ima slide back and ruin ur solo,,,..,.have fun lov u not rly!!” so, i just okay if with my leg extended out as far as it could go, legit stamping my foot on the bass drum peddle, which overtime because loose and fell off a bit. but i still killed my solo, and people were clapping and one guy from the back eve went “wEeeeEeEeEeeeeee HoOoOOoOooOoOoO”

6. i did another painting.

on sale for $1000000000000000000

7. my hair is brown now !!!


“rediscover music you love”

*in the distance, you hear a gentle rhythmic tapping, and the slight sound of muffled music*

bonjour!! je suis une fille et j’apprends le français. i don’t know a lot of it because I’ve only been learning for two weeks, but yeah.

(what languages do you speak? let me know!) 

i’ve been trying to immerse myself more into french music and culture so I can get used to the tongue, but man, it’s so hard. i personally don’t understand the concept of masculine and feminine nouns and the fact that the entire sentence changes depending on this, but I’ll survive. i want to take it in high school anyway, but i wanted to go ahead and start it on the good ‘ole Duolingo.

anyway, i need to explain the meaning of the title, because that’s something i want to talk about.

i use a lot of platforms to listen to music (by a lot, mainly 3, which is Spotify, Youtube, and Youtube Music). And once you own the YT music app for long enough, it tells you this: “rediscover music you love”, and underneath it, “songs you listened to at this time last year”. I’ve owned the app for over a year, and yesterday, I saw it again!

It’s similar to the time capsule thing on Spotify, but this app updates you at different intervals rather than one big thing.

so, I was minding my own business on YT music, listening to some Stromae, (amazing french artist!! i love “papaoutai”, even though I can’t understand more than half of it), lofi and whatnot, when I saw that delightful little tab pop up. right away, I saw a song I remember listening to at this time last year, and that song is “Never Gonna Change” by Broods. I listened to it again, and realized how much I really do attach feelings with music.

I remember vividly having this song on repeat because it was exactly how I felt, and my love for the song reawakened even though I don’t relate to it anymore like I used to. it takes me back to a different time period, so it feels really weird.

back in November (I think), coming up on the one year anniversary that i’ve made my phone, I saw it the first time, where it recommended me “Jealous” by Labrinth and some other songs I don’t recall. It’s fascinating, because I haven’t listened to either of those songs in a good year or so.

for real, “Never Gonna Change” is a beautiful song and I recommend listening to it, even though it’s really sad.

violin is going along great. i am set to start learning the next couple positions in two weeks or so, and i’m very excited. the place i go to is also having a recital in around a month or two, and i think i’m going to play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, because it’s so much fun.

oh, and how could i forget, panic! at the disco released music!! i’m going to try to see them when they tour (even though they aren’t coming to my state), because memphis was just so amazing. check my review out here.

i don’t really have much else to say!

i hope you enjoyed this messy post and understood what i was trying to get at. have wonderful lives!

au revoir~