Netflix Shows

Cause I have nothing else to talk about.

1) The West Wing
I finished it a while ago but it’s still awesome and I already rewatched a bunch of episodes. The show is about the staff in the White House trying to run a country. It’s awesome.
2) psych 

All lowercase. A great show from the early 21st Century. It is about a very smart man who pretends to be a psychic to solve mysteries. The guy who played his best friend also plays a guy on the west wing. 


I know I’m behind the times.

But it’s awesome, I finished the first season.

4) Sherlock

Still behind the times. But I watched every episode (except one) and I can’t wait for the season debut this New Years Day.

5) The Dick Van Dike show. 

Verrrrry behind the times…

It is funny though, and something for me to watch without having to sit down and pay attentions. Basically it’s a great sitcom starring Dick Van Dike.

6) Supergirl

It’s alright. It’s about supermans younger cousin. I watched the pilot.

Yeah, so those are my Netflix shows right now. Leave a comment if you saw any of these shows.

And, watch out for my attempt at pancake art on my cooking blog tomorrow.


Dum Cheese Exclusive Interview Script

Not dumcheese, but Dum Cheese, the yellow guy himself!

Now, things may get a bit confusing since dumcheese is interviewing Dum Cheese, so for sensical reasons, Dum’s speech will be bolded, and questions are in italics.

dumcheese: So, you’ve agreed to sit down and answer some of your greatest fans, friends, and enemies questions.

Dum Cheese: yea cool

dumcheese: The first question we have today is from an anonymous banana.
Why do you get all the fame and fortune? I’ve been your friend ever since we served in the Jello war of 98. And you never even acknowledge that I exist! I’m sick of it! SICK OF IT. I, the leader of ‘Fruit Against Cheese’, will crush you, and have you back where you belong, in a sandwich.

dumcheese: Well that was only supposed to be one sentence, but that’s what you get when you have a live show, am I right?


dumcheese: hmmph

Dum Cheese: i really liked that guy. someone print of a copy of my signature and mail it to him…

dumcheese: Sir, please use proper grammar, we are on the INTERNET, a place where you can ruin your life by misplacing a comma.

Dum Cheese: ok. But let’s take a break and eat dumcheese.


Dum Cheese: yea yea yea, thanks for wathing. wut do you mean the lens cap was on the whole tyme.

The following program was found buried in old manuscripts of rejected post ideas.


P. S. I’ve got my mojo back everybody😀

P. P. S. Somehow, my views went UP in average when I missed 2 days in a row. Go figure.


Running Out Of Ideas

​You probably wondered why there was no post yesterday.

What do you mean no one cared??

Oh well, I didn’t post yesterday, because I was busy, and even when I did have the time to post something, I had no idea what to post about.

If I can’t brainstorm an idea that can give me something to do frequently I may have to stop posting everyday, and rely more on events in my life as they happen. Which is boring… Now, I would create a poll, but polls don’t work on mobile devices, so I ask of you all, if you have any ideas, please, tell me in a comment.


See, even the Baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is feeling the need for a change..


LOTE: The Evil Way

It’s like GENOCIDE!! Only in my game🙂

To go forth with this way, you have to kill or seriously maim every elf or animal you encounter. Prosper will abandon you tearfully after you kill the group of neighborhood kids, and he ends up being the final fight as you are trying to escape to your mother to kill her. His attacks include swords, kicks, and the ability to resize you at will. By doing the Evil Way, at the end, when you think you are about to kill Prosper, and his health is at the lowest it can be, when you try to attack him, he slices your arms off and kicks you over the bridge into a river, then seeps over himself and falls in after you. Some sad music plays, and you wake up in bed screaming, and it was all a dream..




I didn’t bother to SPOILER this one because it’s gonna be a loooooooooooooong time until I can actually code a game that would be the way I wanted it to be. If I had Toby Fox’s help maybe… *looks around hopefully*

Yep, it’s gonna be a while.




I was just scrolling through Riley’s posts and I realized that that whole “favorite bands” post had already been done.



Hey guys


I’m supposed to post every Friday, but obviously that hasn’t happened. So I’m posting today. I don’t really don’t know what I’m supposed to say. What are you’re favorite books? How about bands? Songs? Colors? I’m interested so let me know…

Song of the week- Skinny Love- Bon Iver


My Top 10 Worst Posts

This was supposed to go out yesterday, but instead of scheduling the post like I asked, WordPress decided it would delete everything. Nevertheless, let’s begin this countdown to failure!

10. Number #1 MInecraft – Who needs an incomplete, outdated guide with about half of it misspelled? Also, the # sign means number, so you can translate that to Number Number 1 MInecraft.

9. I Am Going To Do The Ice Bucket Challenge! – Hey, Longest Post Of All Time? Meet Shortest Post Of All Time!!

8. Dum Cheese – I actually kind of like the flag..

7. QwikPick Papers and Fake Mustache – Yes great entitle an entire post to tell us you read a book. When you read like 6 books a week. Great idea.

6. 150 Followers – aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

5. Video Games: The Major Motion Paragrapgh – Just keep telling yourself you can write, 2013 Riley… Also, way to spell Paragraph correctly..

4. 100! YAY! YAY! YAY! –  That’s a $10 fine for one too many YAYs..

3. Our Friend Henry Moved To Maine – WaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWaWa

2. Random Blob of Writing – maybe I just fell asleep while typing, and my head hit the keyboard?

1. Top 10 Worst Posts – what was I thinking..

That’s all for a long time. Until my writing ability increases so much that I can look back at the posts I write these days and say they are the absolute scum of the earth.

Till then.




I put so much work into that worst ten posts and It didn’t even save it after I clicked post.. Stupid wordpress ruins everything.. Now I have to rewrite the whole post and write the post for tomorrow😡

WordPress, get your act together.


Free Lunch #4

Hello ya people, earlier I started this with my phone, and I got to 2 minutes, but I had to go, and it deleted my draft :I . Luckily i’m here now. You should know that after I typed Luckily, I got distracted and started looking at the Facebook page that I never use, but i’m here now! I’m going to start now!

I’m going to Domesticated Violence/Red Locker/And Modest Too band practice this afternoon. It seems to me that this school week ended up being shorter than last school week, Friday is here already, and I had such big plans for this week. Oh well xD, i’ll try next week. Did I tell you guys I’m running for Student Council President at my new school? I think I actually have a chance at winning, even though my political rival Ella is very determined. But i’m determined too.  Here’s a picture of the poster me and Saoirse and Paul made. It was mostly Paul, and barely Saoirse, and I colored a ton of it in, and it looks AWESOME!

Vote me ;)

Vote me😉

In other news, Fallen is nearly ready for release ;O. It’s crazy seeing how big the map has gotten, and how many hours i’ve logged in to get it that way. I had so much trouble with the first boss battle that the second on should be much, much, easier. Also, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY UNDERTALE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!! It’s crazy that it’s been a whole year since you were released, especially since I thought I was like 1 million years late to join the party. Anyways, time’s up, how are you all doing today? Great? No? Meh?