Hello there you. Here I come. I am cinnamon. (Hello there submitted by riseofthechairs)

We got to 20k views! For those of you who don’t speak k, thats 20,000!!!!

For the occasion, I will finally be refolding the R2-D2. For those of you on a computer, you’ll see it somewhere on the tab that says ‘Rileys Backpack’. If you are reading from the WordPress Reader right now you can click here to get to the original site!

The new one should be up within the next few days. 

Thanks to everyone who helped us get this far 😀

It’s been crazy watching a COMMUNITY grow here! People talk in the comments, but not with me for once! One reader has almost passed 300 *cough Stacy cough*. So thanks everybody for the support! I’ve still only gotten one hate comment after almost 5 years lol.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

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A website that recently celebrated 20k views!




Hey guys

It’s your boy Top5INSANE

and if you wanna win a FREE iPhone 7 then all you have to do is comment down below, like the video, and subscribe to the channel.


Oh my gosh please don’t kill me. I hate those videos so much.

But I sat down to write a post and I have nothing to write about. So I thought that I would just write what comes to mind.

I am so angry that The Game Theory Undertale has a PART 3!!!

I have been waiting for the conclusion and I have to wait so much more.

We hit 20,000 views on Riley’s Backpack!

Crazy, insane, I can’t believe you’ve done this.

And we just recorded a Nerd and Brother, it’s was good. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Website coming soon.


And Victoria (bittersweetlyirrovocable) wrote a theme song for NABUR and soon we’ll have that out for you. It is really catchy!

And Pokemon GO, I have been catching new  Pokemon’s because of Gen 2.

So that is it. Like, etc.

And as I say always:


don’t hurt me.



Paper Flies

Another song:

Paper flies round in the wind

And the monster’s just around the bend

Plastics are fused with the earth
And the monster’s just behind the mound

Our unrecycled waste
Will destroy us in great haste
As we ignore the signs our earth is sending us
And the fumes ascend outta the old grey bus
Poisoning our atmosphere
No one sees what matters here
Our world
Which used to thrive
Now has few things still alive

Once, the king of the jungle
A lion, once loud and proud
HA, not anymore
Loved by few
Hunted by more
It’s species has fallen
Into a typecast of gore

The massive whales that ruled the water
Now killed into hidden submission by
Now that we own the sky
The sea, the land, and space
You’d think that we’d by wiser
Seeing through our high tech, electronic vizor.

*instrumental stuff*

Smoggy skies
Groggy eyes
The humans are the monsters
In this prolonged fairy tale
That analyzes our story
As we travel down this dark trail

All the monsters want is
Money and fame
And the bee’s are disappearing because
Honey is lame?
But know that some monsters don’t wanna
Play this dangerous game anymore

*instrumental stuff*

Know that nature disapproves
The tools that humans use
They crack and break the earth
So they can increase their worth

Paper flies, through the skies
Running from the monster’s lies

Plastics are fused, with rock
Trying to escape the human’s lock

But it won’t get away
If we treat the earth this way
Almost everyday
Almost everyway
The monsters ravage this place
While we run out face
A race against time
A race to the line
No one sees the true direction
That were heading in
No one sees our true reflection
But no one looks again

Paper flies, through the skies
Running from the monster’s lies

Plastics are fused, with rock
Trying to escape the human’s lock

Paper flies, through the skies
Running from the monster’s lies

Plastics are fused, with rock
Trying to escape the human’s lock

Mother Nature wouldn’t want it like this
And it’s not like humans have just hit and missed

Our Earth is clogged with smog
That acts as a massive fog
It’s like the human’s don’t
Want to see the rays of the sun
Anymore, like they’ve given up and run
The factories churn out harmful gas
So much that we’ll soon have to wear a mask

Most of them are
Or simply
They care about themsleves
But we can’t move on without them
It’ll be team effort
Fixin our man-made problems
All of us will have to exert
A huge amount of work
But it can be done
We can save our doomed planet
And we really gotta plan it
To help us see the sun again
To help us have fun again.

Paper flies round in the wind
And the human helps it reach it’s end
Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:
It’s a game played on a chessboard that isn’t chess, but starts with a C.



10 year old me’s totally cringe-worthy song.

*you can hear the song of cringe approaching*

ellooooooooooooo you biscuits.

So, I had a thought. I’ve been a trashcan all day basically, and I was trying to find apps on my phone to write songs on. I couldn’t, so I got back on my laptop to remember something from 10 year old me:

“Hey, remember when you recorded that song called ‘If I Could Bring You Back’ when you were 10 and it was posted on a site?”

So, I went on a quest to find 10 year old me in the churning musical ocean of a site that I won’t name because you’d be able to find the song on it , and I managed to come across that song as well as a recorded ‘Safe and Sound’ by Taylor Swift cover.

So, for the past 10 minutes, I’ve been cradling my head in shame. I can’t listen to the whole song. My voice sounds like drunk baby Rebecca Black. And I’m not lying to you. It really does. It’s horrible.

I’m not going to post the song, but rather, I’ll show you the lyrics that I wrote. You can compare these to Broken One. I may post Pluto’s Acid soon, to really compare how I’ve changed a lot. I don’t even know what I wrote this song about…but I think it’s about friendship. Or babysitting? Or death? Probably death.  I don’t know. I had nothing in mind when I wrote it.

But wait. I have to play the song to write the lyrics here, or at least what I can decipher of them.


But i’ll go in pain for you. Here goes *ohmygodi’mgonnachokefromcringe*:

Verse One:

I remember when I held your hand

When you took me for a walk, I remember that.

But then I would fall, you would whisper in my ear,

‘It’s alright’

Memories of you will never leave but I want to do it again,

Smile with you on a Sunday afternoon, but there’s a problem there.

You’re gone. ooohhhhhhh.


If I could bring you back,

We could do it again.

And I can hold your hand,

During the sunset.

If I could bring you back,

You would never leave.

And you would laugh with me.

Come back, come back,

I want to bring you back.

Please, if I could bring you back,

We would do all those pleasant things again.

Come back, come back,

I want to bring you back.

Please, come back to me.

Verse 2:

I remember you swimming with me on the beach.

Picking seashells in the summer breeze.

Or those other times when you held me when I fall

Whenever I cry you come to my side and tell me it’s fine,

I am here for you.

Or it could be when you laughed at my jokes or you helped me ride a bike.

Oh, come back, I miss you so.

I promise not to forget you, even if it causes tears.

And I remember the problem, you’re gone.

-Chorus again-

Bridge thing:

If I could bring you back,

If I could bring you back.

Come back, come back,

Please, come back to me.



I hold that the last part of the note for a very long time, but not strongly so my voice weakly wavers.


It’s probably about death.


But it’s a mystery, even though I wrote the song.

The lyrics are okay I guess, but the wayyyy I sanngggggg……


My mind has just melted in a fiery pit of pink clothes, barbies, and Tinker Bell movies.



Yes, I just did. Sorry not sorry.

Have wonderful lives while you laugh at me.


*in a meadow, there’s a gravestone that reads, ‘r.i.p. 10-year-old Victoria’s vocal teacher.

I’m joking, my vocal teacher didn’t die. I didn’t have one when I was 10*


Undertale No Food #2

Hello there you phonetic hilltop monkeys! (Actually made by me!!)

Today I have the second episode of my Undertale No Food series where I basically play the game, but I can’t eat any edibles at all the whole time. The boss battle for today was very, very easy, because Toriel refused to kill me because she’s a nice goat lady,  but y’know I had to slaughter her 😦

We're back in front of Toriel's house!

We’re back in front of Toriel’s house!

I head in, and she has an amazing pie that she baked just for me! How inconsiderate..

why no food series why

why no food series why

And she has another surprise for me!

My own room 😀

I like the color scheme actually.

I like the color scheme actually.

Apparently, I decide I am very tired, and I hop into my red twin-sized bed.

And wake up with a slice of pie that I can't eat. Fantastic.

And wake up with a slice of pie that I can’t eat. Fantastic.

Then I get bored and want to leave.


She says no.


She says no.

She then realizes that she has some important business to take care of and runs downstairs to destroy the Ruins exit. I follow her, and she tells me I must be worthy or something to pass. So I realize I AM WORTHY WEEEEWW!


My video:

After defeating her, I walk down a long hallway, and encounter Flowey.


He says some mean stuff to me and disappears.

I then exit the Ruins, and WHAT THERE’S A CAMERA IN THE BUSH…



I continue to walk uneasily through the snowy forest, hearing noises behind me until I reach an over-sized gate. And a mysterious figure walks up behind me!

stalker alert

stalker alert

But don’t worry.

you chilled me right to the BONE, Sans.

you chilled me right to the BONE, Sans.

It’s only Sans.

He tells me of his brother, Papyrus, a “human-hunting fanatic”, and we progress.

But here he comes, so I hide behind a conveniently shaped lamp.

lamp god.

lamp god.

And then Papyrus leaves to go search for more humans.

*encounter over*

*encounter over*

Onto the next room I find a new savepoint 😀



I find this beauty of a creature while walking out of the room above.

my first Snowdin monster encounter

my first Snowdin monster encounter

Then I have to murder a blind dog ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;



And.. I have to kill… the blind dog ;-;

i'm a monster

i’m a monster

Continuing into the world, I discover Papyrus and Sans have created a puzzle for me, which I easily surpass.



He leaves me an obvious trail to trek through.

oh papyrus...

oh papyrus…

A snowball!




I walk some more and find Sans has left me his own puzzle.

Fortunately I was able to use my mental prowess to successfully defeat the puzzle and continue.

Fortunately I was able to use my mental prowess to successfully defeat the puzzle and continue.

I beat the puzzle, and reach my final savepoint for the episode!



Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

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A standing light bulb with paper around it.




Hey! It’s Jamesblonde123, back at it with Life and You.

Sorry it’s been so long, but at the end I have a special teaser for our new podcast!


If you didn’t know, I basically talk about my life and answer questions from you. Also I pose questions to you in polls.

So here is a question from riseofthechairs

whats your favorite bridge

Great question riseofthechairs.

I liked your old name, but I am hopeful with the new one.

Your user is pretty much like Doctor Who. Whenever it regenerates, I like the old one more, but then I fall in love with the new one. I loved Tennant, but then I loved Smith. I hope Capaldi’s successor is a good fit.

Back to the LAY.


I could say something that is really meaningful like the bridge between dreams and reality, life and death, but I have to go with Golden Gate. It is unfortunately not made out of gold.

So yeah, if you want your question to get answered in a LAY just type it in the comments. And I with probably answer it either on LAY or on our podcast. Speaking of NABUR (The Nerd and his Brother and Usually Riley) Here is our exclusive logo sneak peek.

Displaying Nerd and his brother.jpg

So yeah. Theme song sneak peek coming soon 😀

And now my question for you guys.

What do you want me to do on the Backpack?

More LAY, stories, I really would love to know your preference.  So just comment your suggestions!

On to my life! My has been okay recently, and I’m busy/excited to be working on NABUR (NABUR release date TBD, but probably first week of March).

Recently Riley has introduced me to tons of music I knew nothing about. I feel ashamed now.

My current music interests are:

Spirits by The Strumbellas

Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz

Trees by TOP

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People

Death of a Bachelor by PANIC! at the disco

and ones I already knew and loved

Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

The Gambler by fun

Oh and Gen 2 came to pokemon go so I am going Pokemon hunting today :D. I already got some so thats neat. And my all time favorite Pokemon Wobbuffet  was added so I hope I catch 1!

That’s it!

And as I always say:

That’s just a post, a WORDPRESS post. Thanks for liking!



Close to 20k Views :D

Hello there you card-carrying diplomats! (Hello there submitted by Jamie)

Yesterday while looking through that stats I noticed that we are getting very close to Twenty Thousand Views!!!

 That’s a lot O.O

In other news, I finally got around to changing the blog’s timezone to the one that matched mine, and it changed the most viewed day! Turns out, on February 8th, we got 368 views!! That’s also a lot.

I watched the final episode of Season 4 in The Walking Dead lasr night and it was unexpected. Terminus DOES NOT equal sanctuary.. 

For 20k views I have a little thing that i’ve been meaning to do for a while for the suprise 🙂

Hint: R2

Also, I have a question for everybody. Should I keep the old banner on the site that I made in 3rd grade in MS Paint that has Dum Cheese, a poorly made Minecraft grass block, and a comic book that’s really just a red square?

Anyways, that’s going to wrap up this post, I might make another one later today.

Dictionary Taboo:

A thing that’s existance is declined even though it’s real and will kill us all.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3



Free Lunch #8

I’m late again

Anyways it’s Saturday and I’m starting at 2:11.

Yesterday I updated Pokemon Go to catch the new Generation 2 Pokemon that were just released last week, and I went on a Pokemon Adventure in a neighborhood by my house with Brendan that I just got back from. I have also just finished a sandwich. It was Turkey and Cheese. I caught 8 Pokemon on the adventure and walked for 40 minutes. I have nothing to talk about.. we’re going to the library in like half an hour so I might write a post there. OH I KNOE WHAT TO TALK ABOUT! I’M ALMOST FINISHED WITH SEASON 4 OF THE WALKING DEAD AND I’M GOING TO WATCH THE LAST EPISODE LATER TODAY. SORRY FOR CAPS. And I still have two minutes to continue writing. Go and first listen to Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz, then search up Feel Dank Inc and watch it 🙂

My ears are cold. Also, if you’re reading this, has the Metronome arrived yet? I’m not sure if I spelled that right so you’ll just have to translate from Riley gibberish. 

And it’s 2:16.

Dictionary Taboo:

It’s cloth used to conceal your house from people looking through holes in the wall.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3




*You haven’t seen Weird Account for a long time, and you are hoping to rekindle the relationship. It was early in the morning, and you were sitting at the table in the kitchen. Suddenly, you hear a door open. Somebody stumbles out. You go to help, but realize that their eyes are glazed and they aren’t really conscious, so you tell them to go back to bed*


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to sit down and write an entry and find that it becomes a bit too personal. But, my reason for that was that yesterday was, I will go to this extent, one of the worst days in my entire life *so far*.

I can’t disclose what happened, but everything went wrong when I was dismissed early around 11 A.M. Then, it was just like watching everything around me break and crumble to the floor. I don’t even know how i’m still alive.

I wanted to write an entry about this lyric I heard in the Alessia Cara song called ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’, (which is a very nice song by the way), and my insight on it. I couldn’t do that yesterday because, I noticed, when i’m having a horrible day, it shows through my writing. It seems more quick to move along per usual. So, I’m not going to make entries while i’m like that.

I’m going to do the lyric now, as i’m a lot better.


*Patrick from SpongeBob….hahaha*

In ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’, in the first verse, Alessia sings,

“So she tries to cover up her pain and cut her woes away,

‘Cause cover girls don’t cry after the face is made.”

This spoke to me on many levels. I am a makeup user. I started using it when I was going somewhere and thought to experiment. But, “Makeup is a harmful drug. Once you start using it, you feel ugly without it” (Anonymous). This is exactly what happened to me. I’m at a stage where my self esteem is getting increasingly worse, and makeup feels like a necessity to make me feel better. I’ve had experience with crying in makeup before (heck, I did that yesterday). It’s true that, when you wear makeup regularly, you feel like you can’t REALLY cry, and that’s how I’ve felt before. That’s how I related to this lyric.

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of makeup here and there to have a little fun. But, what’s wrong is when you wear it because you depend on it, even if there isn’t a reason to.


I sleepwalked this morning.

It’s probably because I got knocked out cold and was so deep asleep that I did this. You may want to know how I can tell. I’m a crazy sleeper already, but I have never left my bedroom before, by my knowledge. But, that wasn’t the case this fine morning. I went to bed in my bedroom (of course), and woke up at 5 A.M….on the couch outside my bedroom. I was very confused. Considering the fact that the couch is many yards away from my door (well, you have to go forward, walk to the right, then go to the right again, so it’s quite a distance to sleepwalk), I decided that I had to have came out there while I was sleep.


I mean, come on, I woke up in a different place then I went to sleep. I was curled up in a ball on the couch. So, I questioned life for a minute, then went back to my bedroom and slept a little more there.


My question for you lovely biscuits today is:

Do you think I should still do deep entries?

Well, we’ve reached the end of this thingamajig. I’d like to apologize for being inactive for almost an entire week. How unheard of for me.

Have wonderful lives.


*You watch them lay down on the couch, and realize that it’s Weird Account. You didn’t actually realize it then, you realized it at the beginning of this entry, but your ruining the flow, so stahp it. You are raised with concern that they might stumble into the kitchen next and break something, but they just continue sleeping on the couch*


St. Paul and The Broken Bones and Converse

Hello there you anonymous pumpkin dances (Hello there submitted by ArmyOfLamps)

Today I went to a local radio station (Lightning 100) and saw a mini-concert by, as the title suggests, St. Paul and The Broken Bones. There was a trumpeter there as well who was fantastic. The whole band did amazing, and the singer’s voice was incredible.

In other news, for the past few days I’ve been searching the internet for a pair of Gorillaz Converse in my size. Unfortunately, they came out almost 5 years ago and there are barely any left in ANY size. So I was thinking I could attempt to draw something cool on the next pair of Converse I get, which will be white so I can add my own decorations. On them, I want to have a TØP symbol, 2D’s head, and some other stuff. But my worry is that whenever it rains, the designs will just fade away. The solution to that is to use permanent marker, but that means that I’ll have to find someone who can draw something perfectly first time in permanent marker ON A SHOE.

Also I’m interested in the piano, so I’m gonna go bug Brendan to teach me.

Dictionary Taboo:

It’s usually a rectangle that can be used for being temporarily deactivated. And it’s not a coffin. It has other things on it used for comfort and warmth.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3