Presidential Pumpkin Sleepover

That title though

Hello there ya people of the universe, today I just have a post to fill the enlarging void that is inactivity on this blog. I won the Student Council Election so i’m not the President of the Student Council at a school i’ve been attending for 3 months. So that’s cool.

Me and Jamie had a sleepover in which we mostly just played this one super hard game on Mineplex called Pumpkin King’s Revenge (I think). Welp I got home a bit ago and I tried some more on my own and beat it😀

Now that may not seem very difficult but TRUST ME IT IS.

In other news, we are still consistently growing in followers despite me not posting often, which is kind of weird. I think I might start a new series just to force me to post everyday about the Minecraft Realm that all my friends play on. (Jamie, Maz, Jordan, Iverson, ect..) Before anyone asks, no i’m sorry but you can’t join. Jordan owns the realm and doesn’t want to add any more people to it.

So that’s the post for today. Enjoy. Bask in it’s glory. Or not.



I’m still here.

I’m just tellin you. I haven’t had anything to write about or a good opportunity to write anything. I got fifth, sixth, and seventh grade huge applaud and chanting my name during the Student Council Presidential Debate, and no one else got any SUPER positive yelling for them except my friend Avion for 8th grade. But I’m pretty sure i’m going to win.

I’m going to be adding my friend Jordan as an author very soon, and I’m not sure if she’ll post about anything other than Twenty-One Pilots but STILL, should boost activity slightly😀

Hope everybody is having a fantastic day, see you next time, and



Good News

My last post was horrific. All my posts are horrific.

In more interesting news, a friend of ours named Jordan might become an author. I can’t make any promises, but she was making a wordpress account this morning and we’ve been talking about this for quite sometime… Jordan’s really cool, and (sorta) funny so yeah.

In really stellar news, my melatonin levels went up, up, up! I don’t think any of you know this, but I have insomnia so this is amazing news! My therapist says I won’t have to take any more sleeping pills and my sleep levels should be going up. She also says my depression is getting better, and although I won’t be cured (she doubts I ever will be) I’ll be getting better. Her exact words were, “You’re making progress, Maz.” I’m making progress!!

Anyway, I’m going to watch Last Week Tonight, and have a splendid day!


Stolen Phone

Hello everybody, yesterday was not my best day by far. As most of you know, I ride the city bus home after school everyday, and I accidentally left my phone on the seat next to me. I talked to a police officer and they called the bus driver and no one was able to find the phone, which means someone just stole it when they found it without bothering to turn it in.

I’m already missing texting my friends, but i’m glad we can play on the Minecraft realm together.

Hope your days are better than mine,



What’s PewDiePie

“PewDiePie is apart of my dictionary.”

“Ugh, I missed. Again.”

Riley quotes.

My science teacher listens to emo music.

“This is some cheap plastic.”

Not a note.



Free Lunch #6

Hello there, i’m going to be starting at 6:58. If you don’t know the rules of Free Lunch, I basically just have to keep typing for 5 minutes straight.

All right here we go can’t stop for another 5 minutes. In school, today is Wacky Tacky day, but i’m not going to participate because they told me I couldn’t wear an old halloween costume, a gray-haired wig, a green fedora, and a Harry Potter scarf. But oh well. Since it’s Friday we have no band practice, only gym! I actually like gym even though a lot of other people don’t because the teacher is a bit strict. When it’s nice outside the teacher lets us go out and just kinda lounge around a massive field, which is really good for practicing Soccer. My brother is reading over my shoulder like the brother he is. Today all my projects are also due, and I finished most of them aside from the Claws packet and the thousand math questions, but the teachers said I could turn those in later. Also, it’s my mom’s birthday, but unfortunately she just threw up all over the stairs. So uh. Not a happy birthday so far.

That’s the end it’s 7:03 and thanks for reading so far, don’t forget to participate in the contest, *looks at chipchompdoodles, OY30, storiesbystacy, zoe2600, and toni1964blog*

I’m waiting.


I’m Back!

Yeah I’m doing clash of clans again. They added some new stuff and it should keep me interested for at least a week.

I have sorted out some mixed up school stuff, and I’ve got decent grades. The student council election I am running in is never going to end, because the debate, speeches, and election were all supposed to happen this week. But hopefully I’ll win soon.

Well Goodbye!


The WordPress War Announcement

It’s back on! Because they added Friendly Wars in Clash of Clans, Polar Cheese and BadAtClashing will FINALLLLYYYY war each other. So, Baggie, I expect you to tell Cam and rejoin the game along with the CCC just for this lol

This will be awesome if we can get everyone to participate. I convinced James Blonde to rejoin Clash of Clans just for this, so I expect everyone else that quit to rejoin too😀